George Kalnin '74

Alumni Profile with George Kalnin '74


An Unconventional Career Path
With Adventures Along the Way

In recalling favorite memories of his fraternity days, George Kalnin '74 mentions the great band parties on Saturday nights after home football games, and a particular "pledge raid."

"As a freshman, in the wee hours of a Sunday morning, my pledge brothers and I went to the house with ladders and removed all the furniture from the downstairs and stacked it all in the middle of the roof, without waking the brothers. Then we went back to our dorm," he says, laughing with the memory. "When the brothers came downstairs for breakfast, there was nothing to sit on."


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Harold Marcus '56

Riding the Wave of a '39 Zepher

Alumni Profile: Harold Marcus '56

This brief Q&A interview is part of an ongoing series designed to help us get to know our brothers better.

Why did you join Zeta Beta Tau?
I was a member of Phi Epsilon Pi (Phi Ep), and that organization merged with ZBT. Over the years, ZBT had merged with several different fraternities. The reasons I joined Phi Ep were very deep-seated with the strongest reason being that I was a legacy. My father, his only brother and many other family members were members of Phi Ep. As I remember, Phi Ep and ZBT did not compete in those days, and if there was a Phi Ep chapter at a school, most likely there was not a ZBT chapter. If I had attended a college where there had been a ZBT chapter and not a Phi Ep chapter, I would have been prone to join ZBT if asked.

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Bruce Fleisher '72

A ZBT Boost into the Technology World

In the spring of 1972, Bruce Fleisher donned a cap and gown, walked to the podium and received his diploma from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He entered the world with a degree in industrial engineering. He went on to receive his master's in management from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and is about to attain his doctorate from Cappella University.

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