Chuck Patel '92

Chuck Patel could not imagine being a “non Greek” back when he was a student on Georgia Tech’s campus.

“ZBT absolutely enhanced my college years,” he said.

Coming from New Jersey, Patel hardly knew anyone in Georgia but immediately felt comfortable after meeting brothers Brian Anulies, Nick Mehrtens and Greg Wombough of ZBT. He never rushed another house and became one of the first pledges of the 1988 Pledge Class.

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Richard Threlkeld 2010

“I Wanted the Chance to Create a Fraternity from the Beginning of Coming Back onto Campus”

Zeta Beta Tau President Richard Threlkeld '10 originally did not want to go Greek, but decided to rush because of the “rich Greek atmosphere” at Georgia Tech.

What is your major?
I am a chemical engineering major.

Where are you from?
I am from Adairsville, GA

Why did you choose to go to Georgia Tech?
I chose Georgia Tech because it is the best engineering school in the Southeast.

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Paul Mandé '69

May 2006

Most of the people who call Cherry Systems, a data recovery company, are at wit’s end.  They have lost vital data which could essentially make or break their company. When something goes wrong with a computer or network, they call computer technicians to fix the problem.  These experts will repair a computer, but many times hard drives and the important files stored on them are “lost”.  Paul Mandé’s staff is there to assure these frazzled and desperate customers that their accounting, client, and sales records have not just vanished before their eyes.

Paul Mandé, class of ’69, is the co-owner and Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Administration for Cherry Systems.  Recovering data from all types of media, the company has grown to be one of the top five data recovery operations in North America.  With a success rate of over 90%, it is no surprise that their client list includes IBM, Coca Cola, General Electric, and over a dozen other Fortune 500 companies.  Mandé’s duties include marketing the company as well as administering to a large customer service staff.

The reasons for data loss can be far ranging.  One client routinely saved important documents on a small portable drive so that he could easily work on them from home.  Unfortunately, his dog literally ate his homework.   The drive was so mauled and chewed up that it was no longer functional.   Cherry Systems was able to completely disassemble the unit and resolder all of the connections into a rebuilt jump drive.  The man’s data was recovered and he learned and important lesson about backing up his files.  Mandé’s company was also come to the rescue of many companies that were adversely affected by Hurricane Katrina.  Data from computers that had been submerged for hours or even days has been recovered.

Brother Mandé’s commitment to recovery also extended to his beloved fraternity.  As an undergraduate at Georgia Tech, Mandé was a brother of Phi Epsilon Pi from 1965-1969.  As the past President of the Alumni Board, Mandé was the major contributor in a turnaround at Zeta Beta Tau.  “One of my most successful accomplishments was when I steered the development and improvement of ZBT at Georgia Tech,” said brother Mandé.  The fraternity, which merged with Phi Epsilon Pi, had issues with debt and a house that was sorely in need of renovation.

Within months of taking over the position of President, Mandé was confronted with the obstacle of a leaking roof.  It needed to be addressed immediately, but the board did not have the money for the extensive repairs.  Bob Shulman, class of ’69, donated $10,000 because of his dedication to the fraternity and his brother Paul Mandé.  This donation, coupled with a restructuring of dues, enabled Mandé to repair the roof and turn his attention to improving the fraternity.  After 12 successful years of service, Brother Mandé received the ZBT “Distinguished Service Award” in 1998 in recognition of his accomplishments with the Georgia Tech Chapter.

Looking back on his experience with the Phi Epsilon Pi, Brother Mandé was made to feel right at home.  A native of Miami, he was met at the airport by the brothers. One of his neighbors in Miami was a member of the Phi Epsilon Pi and recruited him before he even set foot on campus.  The lifelong bonds he formed as a member of Phi Epsilon Pi are still strong today.  He recently went on an Alaska cruise with his former roommate Larry Henshel.  He also attends the Georgia Tech sporting events with his good friend Bob Shulman.

Brother Mandé is also an accomplished musician.  At Georgia Tech he was first chair and the President of the band.  He currently plays both the clarinet and the saxophone and has been a member of a number of Atlanta based bands.  In the past he has been involved with swing and Dixieland bands.  He has also played in pit orchestras for such shows as Fiddler on the Roof.

In the midst of all his accomplishments Paul Mandé is most proud of his family.  “Even though they consider me to be the smart guy, I am the only one in the family without a graduate degree.  I take most pride in the fact that I raised 3 great kids.  All are independent, responsible, considerate, happy, and successful adults now,” said Brother Mandé.

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