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For many of us, Zeta Beta Tau was an important part of our Georgia Tech experience. Whatever your key takeaways from your time at Georgia Tech, I think we can all agree on this: Zeta Beta Tau’s impact extends far beyond our brief time at the chapter house. 

Here are 5 reasons Zeta Beta Tau still matters after you graduate, according to your fellow alumni brothers:


David Zweighaft ‘84

“As part of a chapter, I learned the importance of being part of an organization and working to further the common goals of the individuals and the group. Also, learning how to organize, balance priorities, and become a responsible adult.”


Jeff Goodman ‘71

“I've made lifelong friends. When we get together it still seems almost like yesterday that we were at GT. The stories never get old, even though I've heard them dozens of times. They still bring a smile to my face.”


Chuck Patel ‘93

“Reflecting back as an alum, the most valuable part of ZBT was building relationships with my Brothers not only during the school years but for many more decades beyond graduation.  I stay in touch with so many of my Brothers either by regular, frequent lunch meetings, dinners, watching Tech football and basketball games as well as text and email with brothers that moved out of the ATL area.”


Robert Shulman ‘69

“The thing that stuck with me the most was being part of a group – Phi Ep was a great learning experience.  As undergraduates, we were given the opportunities to take leadership positions, make collaborative decisions, and learn from our mistakes. This helped me later in life as I entered the business world. It was a great foundation for life. I made lifelong friends during my years at Tech.  Since many stayed in Atlanta, our families have grown up together, and it all started in college.”


David Zweighaft ‘84

“The ability to work in groups and accomplish a goal while still being able to goof around and have fun.  Chapter meetings taught me the importance of public speaking.”

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