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Allan Quiat ‘73

I am President of my Synagogue in Houston and serving on the Board of three other organizations. I Sing acapella in a men's chorus and in a quartet (see the final attached photo, of my quartet -- no apologies). Currently, wishing we could be with our sons and grandchildren occasionally other than by Zoom.


Underground Atlanta was my favorite place to go. There were MANY other great places as well, but UA had so many great places and a great vibe. In my early years at Tech I enjoyed the Dream Girl formal event. Boy oh boy, THAT’s a statement on how society has changed! In the latter stage of my GT student tenure, it was more about the traditions we had in the ZBT house around the bridge games, Saturday morning brunches before the FB games, etc.



Steve McEvoy ‘13

I live out west now in the Bay Area. I miss my bros back east, but I try to make it back to ATL when I can. The most valuable part of my ZBT experience was the brotherhood retreats.


Hands-down my favorite place in ATL was Turner Field (RIP), but Suntrust, or Truist park is really nice. Go Braves! My favorite activity in college was intramurals and pickup games. We'd play ball in the backyard for hours, go to the burger bowl for some gruesome tackle football, and burn our knees sliding on the SAC fields in softball and ultimate. Point for #1- Get a Goal-Rilla! (it's the only thing strong enough to withstand the fury of ZBT dunk contests). One time we showed up to an intramural flag football game against skull house (I think). We were a man short, and the other team had a bench full of subs. We STILL whopped that ass.



Nathan Olivares '19

Rooftops anywhere were always fun, along with just walking around the city at night. The best trips happened outside of Atlanta anyways. Semesterly retreats were my favorite tradition to partake in. It's great to be completely separated from any student responsibilities for a weekend or only a few hours, either exploring somewhere new/known or chilling down a river. Updating the house every year was also fun. The most valuable part of my experience was probably the leadership opportunities. I had a good bit of say in where money went as house manager by the time I graduated, and experience in dealing with people who won't clean their dishes.

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