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In last month’s e-letter, we sent out a survey to our Xi Alumni. Now, we’d like to share some of our favorite responses with you! If you want to answer these questions yourself, please CLICK HERE to take the survey. You may see your Xi memories, photos or reflections published in a future newsletter or e-letter. We’d love to hear from all our Xi Alumni! Here are your Brothers responses. 

Steven McEvoy ‘13

“During my college years, I was Social Chair of ZBT for many semesters. The parties and social events were always my favorite part of fraternity life and I forged a lot of memories during some crazy nights. The most valuable experiences, however, were the brotherhood retreats. If I had to boil down to one reason I enjoyed being a part of ZBT it was for the brotherhood retreats- so many stories and moments that I won't forget. I think what they say is true- what you put in is what you get out. 

Kenan Gungor was my best man, Greg Smith is my other best friend. I also kick it with Jason Provenzano and Nick Profit, and occasionally see Sid Desai and AJ Newton. These guys are my family and I've stayed in touch with them most closely. I recently moved across the country, so I unfortunately don't get to see them as much now, but I'm looking forward to maintaining our connection.

I work as Hardware Product Manager for Lime (e-mobility company) based in SF, CA. I recently moved out here with my wife and dog and we love it but we miss our friends in ATL.

One of the stories that sticks out to me was from my first brotherhood retreat-

The retreat was at a brother, Andrew's, family cabin in Georgia. It took a couple hours to get there, so the sun was setting when we pulled up on the Friday night of the retreat weekend. The cabin backed up to a creek which was pretty full because of recent rain. On the opposite bank was a forest that belonged to Georgia Power. Immediately upon getting out of the car, Brother Richard started shooting off fireworks, one of which landed on the opposite bank.

We knew it had been raining, but there were a lot of fallen leaves on the bank, so we watched for a minute and sure enough, a small fire started. The sun was down at this point, and the creek was dark, so brother Jacob pulled up his Jeep and shone his headlights on the creek, maybe 40 yards across. Richard grabbed a shovel, took off his shirt and started wading into the creek, only lit up by the Jeep. He got to the deepest part of the creek, almost up to his shoulders, when the fire on the bank went out on its own.

There were many other stories from that night that stick with me, but the firework fire turned from funny, to serious, to scary, to hilarious so quickly that it's the first thing I'll always think of when I think of ZBT Brotherhood stories.”

Alan Dechovitz ‘72

“Because of ZBT, I became more confident socially and I made some friendships that I have had my entire adult life.

Allen Quiat, George Kalnin and I organized a pretty decent reunion about 10 years ago.  That was fun.

It was interesting to see how people’s lives had progressed.  I’d enjoy attending another.

Joan and I recently established a small charitable fund in partnership with the Beaufort County Schools and Beaufort County Library System.  The Gift of Reading program purchases books for underprivileged children that they can keep as their own.  The School’s English Language Arts Coordinator works to see that the program encourages older kids to read to their younger brothers and sisters.  Without reading, a child’s future is written.  With reading , a child’s future can be almost anything.”

David Zweighaft ‘84

“As part of a chapter, I learned the importance of being part of an organization and working to further the common goals of the individuals and the group.  Also, I learned how to organize, balance priorities, and become a responsible adult.

Currently I am in touch with Rhys Schreadley, Jacque Saul, James McNamara, Peter Hart. I would like to connect with Doug Ramsay, Andrew Cripps.

I am a Managing Partner of RSZ Forensic Associates. I was recently appointed Chair of the  Fraud Task Force of AICPA's Forensic & Litigation Services Committee, providing thought leadership and practice aids to practitioners. My older son is getting his MBA at Villanova and my younger son is a security, audio and video systems design engineer at Stantec Engineering in NYC.”

Jeff Goodman ‘71

“There are so many great memories from my years at GT and Phi Ep/ZBT. I've made lifelong friends. When we get together it still seems almost like yesterday that we were at GT. The stories never get old, even though I've heard them dozens of times. They still bring a smile to my face. I would like others to be able to make their own memories. 

I just became a grandfather. My younger daughter just gave birth to a boy and my older daughter is due in two months. I am still running and last completed the Peachtree at the age of 65! Still in time group 1A! I always look forward to going down to GT and seeing what's new at ZBT.”

Chuck Patel ‘93

“Reflecting back as an alum, the most valuable part of ZBT was building relationships with my Brothers not only during the school years but for many more decades beyond graduation.  I stay in touch with so many of my Brothers either by regular, frequent lunch meetings, dinners, watching Tech football and basketball games as well as text and email with brothers that moved out of the ATL area.  

Ideally - I'd like to see more alumni play a role in helping Doug Bodner and the current members of Zach support our young Brotherhood.  I was on the ZACH board for several years about 15 years ago when we had some challenges with the chapter and it eventually was dissolved.  We spent a large amount of energy to have to rebuild the chapter and get it off the ground.  I think some younger alumni ought to step in and help carry the load.  

I'd also like to see much more alumni involvement when it comes to Homecoming and tailgating at football games. I remember the days when we have 70 Brothers hosting homecoming and having all the alumni visit.  Those were fun times.    

The only advice I have is to help provide the guidance to grow the chapter to at least 50 brothers so that we can get excited about potentially building a new house. And of course, getting more younger alumni to particpate on the board of Zach.

I am in constant communication with the following brothers here in the ATL: Brian Anulies, David Pritchett, Les Barchard, Jin Kwon, Pete Lisi, Mike Maclellan, Loren Teillon, Mark and Chris Weilandt, Greg Wombo, Ben Szubski, David Thibodeau.  We all live a few minutes away from each each other.  

When I travel to OH for business, I try to have dinner with Brian Miller, my old roommate from Room 12.

For the past 14 years, I have been working at a company I founded in 2005 called CHAMPS Analytics, where we specialize in helping our customers make better decisions by leveraging data and analytics to improve their business performance.  We are wholly owned by CHAMPS Software - a business that was founded in 1976 - that specialized in Enterprise Asset Management specifically for the Nuclear Power Industry - basically we make software to run nuclear power plants.  I get to work from home and spend time with my wife, Tejal and my two kids - son - Kishan Eastwood, age 12 and daughter - Shivani Elle age 15 and my Doberman Ellie. 

I live in Johns Creek and enjoy playing tennis, golf and training in Krav Maga with my kids.”

Robert Shulman ‘69

“Being part of a group – Phi Ep was a great learning experience.  As undergraduates, we were given the opportunities to take leadership positions, make collaborative decisions, and learn from our mistakes.  This helped me later in life as I entered the business world.  It was a great foundation for life.  I made lifelong friends during my years at Tech.  Since many stayed in Atlanta, our families have grown up together, and it all started in college.

From my pledge class, Larry Henschel, Paul Mande and I have been close for 55 years.  We also see brothers from other classes quite regularly including Howard Fleisig, Craig Varon, Charlie Cohn, and Fred Levine from the 50 man pledge class of 1968 (class of 72) and George Kalnin from the class of 1974.  We have also reconnected with Steve Bush, Neal Williams, and Ron Pohl – our pledge brothers that don’t live in Atlanta.

I have been in Atlanta since graduation in 1970.  I have been in the life and employee benefit insurance business for 50 years, the last 46 1/2 as an owner of a successful Atlanta brokerage firm – Pritchard & Jerden, Inc.  I will be retiring later this year.  My wife, Jeanne, and I have two grown children.  Our son Andrew received his Masters in Aerospace and an MBA from Georgia Tech.  He now works for the Booz, Allen, Hamilton consulting firm in Washington, DC.  Our daughter, Sarah, and her husband, Jason, are both physicians finishing fellowships in Houston, TX, and we are the proud grandparents of Ellie (age 2 ½) and Wyatt (age 4 months).”

Nicholas Vasti ‘80

“As a typical engineer, my math skills are much better than my literary skills so here you go:

As an alum I feel that the most valuable parts of my ZBT experience are the lifelong memories of my shared experiences with my fellow brothers at the house as well as the lasting friendships that have continued over the years. We communicate with each other often and try to get together whenever we have the chance. In fact, I plan to see a couple of my brothers on an upcoming trip to London this spring and a number of us plan to get together at a football game in Atlanta this fall.

I am still in touch with a number of brothers including my little brother Doug Ramsay, and also Bill Fairchild, Mike Zettel, Dan Muller, Chris Muller, Chris Haas, Jerry Keen, Paul Dariano, Andy Cripps, Jeff Westall, Rhys Schreadley, Chris Fryer, Jim McNamara, Bob Lukasik, Rob Josephs, Tom O'Reilly, Ken Murphy, Dave Zweighaft, Bob Schneider, Jim Cannon, Pete Estelle, Harry Heinkele, Mike Dodge, Bob Lovinggood, Martin Mancuso, Kris Kuck and Shannon Roseman.  Some of the brothers I would like to re-connect with include Hudson Smith, Bill Bacchi, Bert Bell, Joe Landrum, Greg Hood, Steve Novak, Andy Wilson, Jerry Freda, Jack Saul and my pledge brothers Mike Carney and Jerry Cohen.

I retired from the oil industry a couple of years ago. My older son Alex graduated from Miami of Ohio last year and my younger son Chris will attend TCU this coming fall. Although I wasn't able to get either of the boys to follow in my footsteps at Tech, I'm proud to say that I kept them from attending UGa.”

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