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Coming up next month, we will be raising money for ZBT's main philanthropy, Children’s Miracle Network. CMN provides funding to children's hospitals across the country to help sick and injured kids. We kick things off on March 2 with "Get on the Ball." This is our premier fundraiser where we roll a 6' beach ball around campus, asking people to sign it. This provides advertising for our fundraising efforts. Along with rolling the ball around campus, ZBT will also participate in Georgia Tech’s Philanthropy Showcase on March 5th. All student organizations are welcome at this event on Skiles walkway. They can present their philanthropy to students passing by and hopefully raise interest in philanthropy on campus.


The week culminates with Dance Marathon on Saturday, March 7th. Dance Marathon is a campus-wide fundraiser sponsored by GT For the Kids. It combines efforts of numerous fraternities, sororities and other organizations raising funds for Children's Miracle Network. We will present our results to campus there.

To help raise money for Children’s Miracle Network, we are asking for donation pledges along with the money that we raise ourselves. In the past, Alumni have donated a certain amount per signature we receive on the ball, or you can donate one flat amount. Either one is greatly appreciated and makes a big difference to those children who receive the money. If you would like to donate per signature, you can fill out this google form, or donate directly to our page, found here.

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