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In honor of our Centennial Celebration, we've been asking our alumni members what their favorite memories from their ZBT days are. Howard Levy ’65 shared a great story about a "Wreck" he and the brothers attempted to drive through town.

Howard said, "My favorite ZBT memory occurred sometime in the early ’60s. It was after the homecoming game with Tulane and we built a 'Wreck.' We kept it in the front yard for a few days, and the next Sunday night when nobody had a date, one of the brothers and I did not have any cigarettes. Since neither of us had a car, we decided to take the 'Wreck' down Fifth Street to Hemphill to the Miss GA ice cream store to purchase a pack or two. The 'Wreck' had a bath tub protruding from the back and a commode mounted on the roof with a pipe running between the two. It was an Archimedes pump, powered by the drive shaft, which we had disconnected. There were no seats, so we sat on milk cartons. There were also no lights, so Russel, the other brother, held the flashlight so we could be seen by other vehicles. Not surprisingly, we didn’t get too far before we were pulled over. The officer rattled off all of the offences we had committed, but he only gave me a ticket for no license plate and no driver’s license. I asked for an escort back to the house, which he gave us. Court was scheduled for several weeks later, but before I went, I called one of our more famous alumni brothers, who was the vice mayor of Atlanta. I believe his last name was Rich. The Rich’s owned Rich’s department stores in Atlanta and several other cities. The store has since been brought out by Federated Department Stores and is now Macy’s. When I showed up at court, slide rule strapped to my side and several pens in my pocket protector, the judge asked if I had a license plate for the car and my driver’s license. I produced both, and with a bang of his gavel, he said 'case dismissed.' I left the courtroom proving the old adage, 'It’s not always what you know, it’s who you know.'"

What are your favorite ZBT memories? Share them with us by clicking here to submit an update. 

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