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An Everlasting Bond to Zeta Beta Tau

Allan Quiat ‘73 is a successful businessman, proud father, and world traveler. Yet when asked about his funniest memory in ZBT, he lets out a mischievous chuckle. He explains he has several to choose from, but elaborates on one that’s not too “over-the-top”.

“Back in my pledge class’s day, to run computer programs you used a keypunch to punch cards. It was pretty primitive compared to what we do today. All of the chads that would get knocked out of the cards were collected in a bin. They were very, very tiny,” he said. “One night we filled bags with the chads from the bins. We did a raid of the fraternity house, and threw them into the rooms. It took years for the vacuum cleaners to suck them out.” 

Allan also confessed he would relive his freshman year Homecoming weekend if he could. The “fabulous entertainment” at the fraternity party, along with everything else that weekend, was a whole new, and admittedly exciting, experience.

ZBT wasn’t only fun and games to him, however. Allan came to Georgia Tech as an out-of-stater from Cheyenne, Wyoming. Joining the fraternity as an undergraduate never let him feel alone in a big city.

 “I had not really been familiar with the city of Atlanta, so I was on my own when I got down there. This gave me a pretty fast entry into a new circle of friends,” he said.

Since his college days, Allan has been on a road of success. He is a loving husband to Jean, is a devoted father to Daniel and Eric, and has sustained a fulfilling career with Chevron for 38 years and counting. The last 12 years with his company have given him the chance to travel all over the globe and sometimes combine that traveling with vacations.

 “My wife and I have had a chance to see a whole lot of the world,” he explains.

Allan looks back on his years in ZBT with respect and pride. When asked about his single fondest moment that he will tell his children and grandchildren, his voice turns somewhat serious but poignant.

“It was the way our pledge class pulled together during a fairly intensive, sleep deprived, initiation week,” he said. “We really cemented the bonds within our pledge class that week. “

Because of those everlasting bonds he made, Allan understands the importance of being an active alumnus. He and Allan Dechovitz ’72 organized a dinner in Atlanta one Homecoming weekend a few years ago, combining five successive classes of brothers. 

He also remains close with Richard Reisman ‘73 and Steve Borochoff ’72 but misses those with whom it is no longer possible to get in touch.

“The guys with whom we have lost over the years leave a hole that’s un-fillable,” he explained.

Allan’s long-term financial support of the chapter stemmed from a crisis situation in which it was in dire need of more money. During that time, donations were completely necessary to keep the chapter alive. He began to realize that it “made sense” for him to continue his contributions financially and stay connected to the group. Quiat encourages other alumni to do so as well.

“It helps provide the support system to allow the longevity of the chapter,” he said. “Donating is worthy role-model behavior for brothers who will ultimately become alumni themselves.”

Looking back on his own college experience and witnessing future generations of college students, Allan is disappointed in the way some freshman pass up the opportunity to be a part of Greek life. He knows his years at Georgia Tech wouldn’t be “as rich” if he hadn't joined ZBT, and he hopes new incoming freshman will take his advice.

“Take a good hard look at the Greek system. What I see happening today is that a lot of young men, who I think would be really great for the fraternity system and would get a lot out of it, are not giving it a chance,” he suggests. “Take a look at your options before you make a decision whether or not to affiliate with a fraternity.”

Reconnect With Allan at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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