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Chuck Patel could not imagine being a “non Greek” back when he was a student on Georgia Tech’s campus.

“ZBT absolutely enhanced my college years,” he said.

Coming from New Jersey, Patel hardly knew anyone in Georgia but immediately felt comfortable after meeting brothers Brian Anulies, Nick Mehrtens and Greg Wombough of ZBT. He never rushed another house and became one of the first pledges of the 1988 Pledge Class.

His pledge class of 34 pledges more than doubled the size of ZBT. Patel said this was the beginning of ZBT becoming a “powerhouse.”

Patel was an active member during his years living at the house and was Treasurer and Risk Manager. He was aware that executive officers didn’t have to clean the toilets, so he decided to get involved with these aspects of the fraternity. 

He remembers competitive intramural soccer games and the “crushing brawls” with the Delta Tau Deltas. The parties also stick out in his mind.

“Of course we had some phenomenal band parties with hundreds of guests having a great time,” he said.  “And you can't forget celebrating our 1990 National Championship Football season and Final Four success with my Brothers. “

As a brother, Patel has remained active by becoming a member of the Zach Board of Trustees for the past 15 years, which helps fund several scholarships and other functions within the fraternity. He said this is one of the way s he gives back to repay ZBT for how much it has given him in his life.

“I gained so much from my experiences at Tech and ZBT that I felt obligated to give back to the chapter once I graduated,” he said.

His network of friends is another reason he stays involved. 

“I think it’s important to build relationships with as many people as a possible so that you can help your Brothers make connections as well as get help from Brothers when you may need some.  It's a no brainer. “

Patel keeps in touch with several of his brothers and sees many of them frequently, whether it’s on game days or at their houses throughout the year. He lives close to Brian Anulies, Les Barchard, Chris Goodson, David Pritchett, Mark Weilandt, Harold Reed, Doug Bodner and Bill Clearly and sees them on a regular basis. 

Today, Patel runs the Business Intelligence Division for CHAMPS Software. He has a wife, Tejal, of 13 years and two children, Shivani Elle and Kishan Eastwood.

Patel pledged ZBT in 1988 and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Science. He recommends ZBT to incoming freshmen because its small size brings an intimate and personal fraternity experience that may not be available at other fraternities with over 80 members.

“The friendships gained through my Brothers will always trump any other relationships I will have in my life moving forward” he said.

Reconnect with Chuck at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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