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A ZBT Boost into the Technology World

In the spring of 1972, Bruce Fleisher donned a cap and gown, walked to the podium and received his diploma from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He entered the world with a degree in industrial engineering. He went on to receive his master's in management from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and is about to attain his doctorate from Cappella University.

When he arrived on campus his freshman year, Bruce began looking into fraternities. He decided he wanted to belong to Phi Epsilon Pi, a small house of 24 brothers. Fifty-two other brothers also wanted to belong, tripling the fraternity's size that year. Two years later, they merged into Zeta Beta Tau. "Wayne Walters '70 got me to join," reminisced Bruce, "but I got a really good feeling of camaraderie from the start. I have so many fond memories from those years." Fraternity sports, especially football, were high on Bruce's list of memories.
Bruce lived in the house for one semester, rooming with Maurice Dembsky '71 and Al Rosenbaum '71. He then moved off campus where he roomed first with Leigh Bodner '72 and then Sam Schwartz '71. He also hung out with Bruce Roth '70 and Diane Hess. Diane bestowed a nickname on Bruce that still holds today. Let's just call him "Flash."
When asked how Zeta Beta Tau has influenced his life, Bruce remarked that the interaction between brothers truly prepared him for the future. "You learn to establish and sustain relationships and interact with different kinds of people," says Bruce. "Among those people that he remains in contact with is Joey Moskowitz '75. You can say Joey was his brother in college, but is his brother-in-law now! Bruce married Joey's sister, Ellen, in 1974. They have a daughter, Ronni, and a son, Steven.
Bruce is retired as president of Flextronics, formerly Pilot Technologies, a company that manufactures black boxes for airplanes and internal components for wireless communications. He taught at the School of Management at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and soon will
begin teaching at Lynn University in Florida. He is a member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association and a member of the Academy of Management.
Bruce and Ellen recently finished building a home in Delray Beach, Florida. He has two libraries where he collects old, rare books. He also collects wines and dabbles in management theory. In his spare time, Bruce can be found swinging a 9-iron on the fairways of the local golf course or traveling with his wife to Italy.
Brothers can reach Bruce at 561-498-1530 or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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